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That means our work is centered on trial practice. As trial lawyers, our attorneys’ work is heavily weighted toward complex criminal matters in Missouri state courts and federal courts. Our collaborative approach means you get the power of three instead of only one attorney.


Carver, Cantin & Mynarich have litigated thousands of cases across the state. Take advantage of these attorneys with over 75 years of combined experience whose sole focus is to employ it on your behalf. Reach out if you need legal advice.


Our team of lawyers is highly regarded by legal peers for their trial expertise, exhaustive preparation, and integrity. This law firm was recognized as a 2017 U.S. News – Best Lawyers Best Law Firm and consistently receives individual awards for excellence in the courtroom.

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Thomas Carver, Shane Cantin & Erica Mynarich have consistently been recognized as top attorneys in Springfield Missouri by numerous independent legal rating groups.


It’s because it is the one thing over which you have control and will likely play a critical role in determining the outcome of your case.

Standing in front of a judge or jury with little or no knowledge of what confronts you is a frightening experience, especially if there is a prosecutor whose only job is to put you in prison.


We are a highly skilled team of lawyers with considerable experience for this daunting situation. We have tried over 505 federal criminal cases and much more at the state level in Missouri.

Our law firm focuses on criminal defense and possesses a wide range of expertise and practice areas from capital murder cases involving the death penalty to white-collar crime, tax law, sex crimes, felonies, DWI, family law, and more.

Whatever criminal legal issue you may be facing, you can be confident knowing that some of the best MO attorneys have your back.

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We realize this is your chosen profession and you obviously excel at it. You took a heartbreaking and very scary situation and made us feel confident and comfortable that we were doing all we could to make things right, and that is a true talent that we have tremendous appreciation and respect for.

Client testimonial for Thomas Carver


Shane is a GREAT lawyer! He is prompt, dependable, easy to access, and gets things done. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating! They were very prompt in all correspondence and kept us informed every step of the way. Made our family feel very valued, respected and represented at their fullest capability!

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When I found myself in legal trouble with the federal government I went numb for two days. Luckily my partner went to work and searched for the finest law firm in our area. That’s what led us to Erica. Having Erica as my attorney has been such a blessing. She has put me at ease with her professionalism, her knowledge of the law, and most importantly the way she cares about me as a person and not just another client.

Client testimonial for Erica Mynarich


When it became necessary for me to find an attorney, Erica came highly recommended. When we met, I found her to be compassionate, and willing to work with me. Her skillful representation, and unbelievable research, saved me months of financial and psychological hardship. Erica found every precedent and in the end she brought the dismissal of a frivolous and ridiculous lawsuit. She’s earned my gratitude and respect.

Client testimonial for Erica Mynarich


I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work in my case. You have been a tremendous help in getting my life back on track. If someone I know finds themselves in a similar predicament as I did, I would most certainly refer them to you.

Client testimonial for Thomas Carver


I have hired Shane Cantin to represent me twice in criminal cases. Both times, he was able to obtain favorable results because of his attention to detail. As soon as you hire him, he becomes consummately aware of all elements of your case, from witness statements, to police reports, to the judge presiding. Mr. Cantin also commands respect from police, detectives, and judges because of the integrity with which he advocates for his clients. I highly recommend that if your life, freedom, and reputation hang in the balance, you hire Shane Cantin.

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When you go to a hospital, they connect you with a specialist who possesses a deep understanding of your issue. Our firm of lawyers are criminal defense specialists.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Springfield MO

If you are seeking federal criminal defense lawyers, look no further. A federal criminal charge means you are up against the United States government who possess virtually unlimited resources in their pursuit of a conviction. If you have been charged or find yourself as a potential target of a federal investigation, you absolutely have to retain top federal defense attorneys.

Thomas Carver, Shane Cantin, and Erica Mynarich all have extensive experience litigating federal criminal cases throughout MO. All law firm attorneys are bar admitted to practice law in the U.S. District Court Western District of MO, the federal court which covers Springfield and Southwest Missouri. Erica Mynarich also possesses bar admission to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of MO in St. Louis.

Defense Attorneys for Federal Court

Our lawyers have extensive experience defended clients in federal court in Springfield, Missouri, and neighboring districts. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently issued a mandate to federal prosecutors requiring the application of mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines in federal drug cases. With a variety of sentencing enhancements available to prosecutors, it’s imperative to have the counsel of legal representatives and a law firm with a great deal of experience in federal court cases.

Springfield Federal Court Case Specialists

Since 97% of all federal court cases conclude with a guilty plea, it’s vital that your federal court case receives attention as early as possible. Our lawyers understand the essential need to intercede as soon as possible in your legal matter in order to achieve the best possible outcome in your federal court case.

Located near the Federal Courthouse

Our law firm is located at Hammons Tower directly across from the federal courthouse. Our proximity to the federal courthouse in Springfield is not an accident. Our law firm has litigated hundreds of federal cases in the United States District Court for the Western District of MO. Primarily working out of the Southern Division in Springfield, Missouri, CCM has also represented clients in the Western Division in Kansas City, MO, the Eastern Division in St. Louis, MO, and statewide.

500+ Federal Court Cases – Attorneys Springfield, Missouri

Our law firm’s legal experience with federal court cases is vast. Our federal court case experience extends from financial crimes and similar white-collar cases to federal drug crimes, sex crimes, and more. There is no other law firm in this city that can match the depth of knowledge and practical experience that our legal representatives can offer in the arena of federal courts.

Proven Criminal Defense Attorney in Springfield

A big factor in determining the success of any criminal case is the experience of your attorney. Each member of our Springfield law firm is a proven defense attorney, routinely being honored for their work in the courtroom. In addition, they have attained a U.S. News and Best Lawyers Best Law Firms in America award in 2017.

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Tax Attorney Springfield MO

If you’re a business owner or even a regular citizen, it’s never fun to face an inquiry from the Internal Revenue Service. Having an experienced tax attorney at your disposal is a tremendous asset if you are under scrutiny from the IRS.

Our team of lawyers is led by the 2015 Southwest Missouri Lawyer of the Year in white-collar crime, which covers tax and financial crimes. The tax attorneys at CCM law firm possess years of experience defending tax crime prosecutions are intimately familiar with how to defend against charges of failure to file taxes, underreporting taxes, tax evasion, business sales tax, and employee tax issues.

If you are or suspect you may be the target of an IRS investigation, we are here to help. Attorneys at our law firm defend clients against a wide array of criminal tax law allegations, always working towards the most favorable outcome. Our Springfield law firm utilizes former IRS forensic accountants to give our clients a unique advantage when facing the Internal Revenue Service and District Attorneys.

IRS Tax Attorneys in Springfield, Missouri

As soon as you realize that you may be under the IRS investigation, contact knowledgeable IRS tax attorneys at Carver, Cantin & Mynarich. Our law firm can work with the government to determine if charges will likely be filed and prepare your defense if they do progress.

The IRS in Springfield and other cities work with federal prosecutors to aggressively pursue convictions. Some of the most common tax crime charges our lawyers litigate are the failure to file taxes, underreporting taxes, tax evasion, and employee tax issues.

Specialists: Tax Law Attorneys

Tax crime cases are unique and require a specialized tax law attorney in Springfield, Missouri. A criminal tax charge from the government can have devastating consequences on one’s life, including the suspension of your business, heavy fines, and jail time. To prevent these consequences before they impact your life, it’s advisable to have a qualified tax law attorney intercede on your behalf.

Tax crimes are often described interchangeably as white-collar crimes. They can be very complicated and labor-intensive to fight due to the vast resources possessed by the federal government. Attorneys with advanced tax crime defense knowledge are rare.

Attorneys at our Springfield law firm know the intricacies of tax law and federal court proceedings, and our team’s skill and experience in this area are unrivaled.

Top-rated Tax Attorneys

The tax attorneys at Carver, Cantin & Mynarich law firm have been independently rated as some of the best. Thomas Carver twice earned the recognition of Lawyer of the Year in Southwest Missouri in the area of white-collar criminal defense. This law firm has also been recognized over multiple years by 417 Magazine’s Best Lawyers List in the area of white-collar defense. Additionally, this year the firm was selected by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers to their 2017 edition of Best Law Firms in America. The law firm Carver, Cantin & Mynarich received a Tier 1 ranking, which is the highest distinction possible from the independent rating service.

Skillful Criminal Attorneys

As criminal attorneys, we possess a singular focus on winning in the courtroom. Our practice is almost exclusively limited to criminal defense litigation in state and federal courts. Over time, this has given us the ability to develop a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully defend clients who are faced with terrifying situations. We are here to help you in your time of need and offer our legal services. Reach out to our law firm and schedule a free consultation.

Free Consultation – Tax Lawyer Springfield MO

If you are facing scrutiny by IRS and or if you are concerned about criminal tax charges and need legal advice, our legal representatives are here to help. We offer all clients a free initial consultation on criminal defense cases.

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Free Consultation with the Top Tax Attorneys in Springfield.

Sex Crimes Attorney Springfield MO

Our team of lawyers is highly qualified in the area of sex crime defense and possesses years of experience defending people under criminal investigation for a variety of sex offenses. If you have been charged with a sex offense, or are even being investigated on sex charges, it is in your best interest to hire the most qualified sex crimes attorney you can find.

This is a highly important decision and should not be based on advertising. Your decision should be based on finding lawyers with the right experience for your specific case.

Our law firm has a great deal of experience defending clients in sex offense cases across a wide variety of charges including distribution of child pornography, receipt of child pornography, production of child pornography, enticement of a minor, child molestation, sexual assault cases, sexual misconduct, statutory rape, and prostitution.

State and Federal Sex Crime Charges

A sex crime charge or accusation puts your reputation in serious jeopardy. A sex crime conviction can ruin your life and that of your family. Consulting a Missouri sex crime attorney is the first line of defense if you have been accused or charged.

Our law firm makes it a priority to closely follow changes involving the state and federal criminal codes as they relate to sexual offenses. Along with deep experience litigating sex crime cases, we’re uniquely prepared to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

It’s no secret that a sex crime conviction can require registration on the Missouri sex offender registration list, so it’s vital that if you’re facing a sex offense charge you seek qualified legal representation.

Distribution of Child Pornography Attorney

Perhaps the fastest growing area of federal criminal prosecutions is the distribution of child pornography. These cases often involve a defendant who used a peer-to-peer file-sharing program, such as Limewire, FrostWire, Ares, or BitTorrent. Although new federal sentencing guidelines were recently released, federal and state laws lean heavily towards stiff sentences.

With the advent of the Internet, a whole new class of people barely evident 10 or 15 years ago are subject to prosecution for possession, distribution or production of child pornography.

Absent outright innocence, charge-reduction, and sentence mitigation are common strategies we pursue on behalf of clients. With over 75 years of combined criminal defense experience, our lawyers are specialists in pursuing the best outcome possible for their clients regardless of the situation.

Sex Offender Defense in Springfield Missouri

Except for a few situations, a sex offender designation will stay with you for life. In this case, the best defense is a good offense in order to limit your exposure to becoming a registered sex offender in MO. Our veteran attorneys can help explain sex offender laws, sexting laws, and any new laws affecting the MO Sex Offender Registration process.

Even in a tough situation, our law firm will vigorously defend your rights and seek the best possible outcome in your sex offense case.

Free Sex Crime Lawyer Consultation

Our lawyers provide a free initial consultation to anyone facing a sex crime offense in Missouri. We can help you determine the best course of action, the next steps and if we are not the best fit for your case, we’re happy to make a referral recommendation.

People prosecuted for child pornography offenses are seen in every socio-economic group and across every educational stratum. They range from architects to career military men and women and even to paraplegics. If you or a family member has been charged, and you want legal advice, we would love to help. Please, give us a call to discuss your case.

Sex Crimes Attorney Springfield

Vast Expertise Defending Sex Crime Cases in MO

White Collar Lawyers in Springfield MO

Our team of lawyers is highly regarded by the Missouri criminal lawyer communities for our expertise in defending white-collar crime prosecutions. As previously mentioned, Thomas Carver was twice named Lawyer of the Year in Southwest Missouri in the area of white-collar criminal defense. Shane Cantin was recognized by 417 Magazine as one of the top white-collar defense attorneys in Springfield in 2016.

All attorneys in this law firm are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (NACDL) and have been honored individually for their work in the courtroom.

White-collar cases are often sophisticated and require special skills to be defended effectively. The federal government has virtually unlimited resources in their pursuit of a conviction. Our team of legal representatives has decades of experience representing clients in complex white-collar cases.

Years of Experience Defending White Collar Crimes

White-collar crime is now synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals. As echoed by 417 Magazine for multiple years in a row, our lawyers are among the best in defending white-collar allegations. These crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and are not dependent on the application or threat of physical force or violence.

Fraud and Financial Crimes – Attorney Springfield MO

There are few other attorneys and law firms who have the experience and recognition to match Carver, Cantin & Mynarich in the areas of fraud and financial crimes.

The United States Code contains many crimes that are variations on a theme of fraud such as wire fraud, mail fraud, Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, health care fraud, advance fee fraud, promissory note fraud, tax penalty abatement, falsification of financial records, mortgage fraud, identity theft, bribery, intellectual property theft, piracy, Ponzi schemes, commodities fraud, broker embezzlement, market manipulation, labor racketeering, cybercrime, copyright infringement, and forgery.

Collectively, these crimes are known as white-collar crimes.


Best White Collar Crime Lawyers

When 417 Magazine chose the best white-collar crime lawyers in Springfield, Missouri, our law firm comprised 50% of the list. Thomas Carver and Shane Cantin have been recognized both locally and nationally for their excellence in criminal defense work. Early in 2017, our team of lawyers was named a U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers Best Law Firm in America for 2017.

Additionally, this law firm was only one of 20 law firms to be selected to’s list of the best criminal defense firms in Springfield, MO.

Earlier this year, Erica Mynarich was honored with a 2017 Missouri Lawyers Weekly Women’s Justice Award as a Litigation Practitioner.


Free Consultation: White Collar Crime Attorney in Springfield MO

Our law firm is happy to provide a free initial consultation for white-collar criminal cases. Whether you suspect you might be charged or under active investigation, we are here to help and offer our legal advice and representation.

White Collar Crime Attorney Springfield MO

Criminal Defense is our Specialty. Know your Options.


Choose lawyers who have a reputation for success.

Springfield Missouri Law Firms

Whether you are facing serious criminal charges or litigating a complex business contract, it is important to be represented by a Springfield law firm who is diligent in fighting to protect your rights.

Our specialty is criminal defense. Our lawyers have tried hundreds of bench and jury trials at the state and federal levels and have a reputation for providing tough, aggressive representation for our clients.

We believe our reputation with other law firms is something we’ve earned over decades of practice. We’ve been rewarded over the years with numerous awards and accolades, but we get the most satisfaction from helping our clients navigate difficult situations.

Defense Law Firms in Springfield Missouri

There are numerous defense Springfield law firms that can provide capable representation in a criminal case, but we’re confident you shouldn’t look any further. As a group, whatever talents our lawyers bring to the table were not developed overnight. Instead, they have been learned and earned over a combined eighty plus years of experience.

What makes our law firm and our lawyers unique is collective experience and dedication to teamwork in defending your rights.

We have had years to develop helpful knowledge when it comes to interacting with judges, prosecutors, and other lawyers from all over the state of Missouri. We know the eccentricities and habits of those we practice with and appear in front of. Having this information at our disposal and being able to use it to the benefit of our clients is often a critical factor in the outcome of a case.

Law Firms in Springfield MO

Selecting the right Springfield Missouri law firm can be a daunting task. Unless you work in the profession, very few people actually know or are familiar with the professional reputation of law firms and legal representatives who might be available to aid in their defense. A good rule to follow when selecting an attorney is to ask a legal representative, if you know one, to make a recommendation for your particular need.

Lawyers and law firms who are successful have little trouble attracting clients. Even if the attorney you know doesn’t practice in your area of need, they will likely know who does and their reputation within the legal community. Carver, Cantin & Mynarich law firm truly believes in justice for all and are happy to provide referrals upon request.

Law Firms Near Me – Attorney Springfield MO

Our law firm is located on East St. Louis St. at Hammons Tower near downtown Springfield. Our practice is primarily focused on the Southwest and Central Missouri regions including United States District Courts for the Western and Eastern Districts of MO.

Our law firm also has active practices and routinely assists clients from neighboring cities such as Ozark, Nixa, Branson, Rolla, Bolivar, Joplin, Marshfield, Neosho, West Plains, Buffalo, Mt. Vernon, Monett, Cassville, Carthage, Lamar, Nevada, and everyone in between.

The primary counties we service are Greene, Christian, Taney, Webster, Polk, Stone, Barry, Lawrence, Newton, Jasper, Vernon, Hickory, Wright, Howell, and Douglas.

The Best Criminal Defense Attorney

The law can be a complicated and very stressful topic, especially when yourself in a difficult situation, so you want to retain the best law firm and a defense attorney you can find.

With so many options and advertisements, finding the right law firm and legal representation for your unique situation can feel overwhelming in itself. Our philosophy is that you should find a lawyer who specializes in the area of law which you are facing. We are proud of our reputation, which has been independently bestowed as some of Springfield’s top criminal defense attorneys with a focus on federal and state crimes.

Drug Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

With over 75 years of criminal defense experience, consider us your first call if you need a drug attorney in Springfield, Missouri.

From simple possession to Class C Felonies to federal drug conspiracies, we have vigorously defended clients across the spectrum and significantly improved their outcomes. Don’t let a mistake leave a permanent mark on your record.

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DWI Lawyers in Springfield MO

Facing a DWI charge in MO can be a very scary experience. With your freedom on the line, it’s essential to find aggressive and experienced DWI attorneys.

That’s why employing one of the best DWI attorneys with significant trial experience is the best choice you can make.

Best DWI Lawyers

Shane Cantin was highlighted by 417 Magazine in 2016 as one of the two best DWI lawyers in Springfield, MO. Cantin is a Kansas/Missouri SuperLawyer and was recognized along with the law firm as a U.S. News and Best Lawyers Best Law Firm in 2017.

All of the DWI attorneys at Carver, Cantin & Mynarich law firm have deep experience in the area of criminal defense in Springfield and southwest MO. This law firm has a reputation for excellence in the courtroom among legal peers.

If you are facing a complex or repeat DWI charge, there is no better legal representation than the team at CCM.

DWI Defense Lawyers in Springfield Missouri

In Springfield Missouri, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is called a DWI (known as a DUI in other states) and can have harsh consequences if not rigorously defended by a veteran DWI defense lawyer. One of 417 Magazine’s Best DWI Attorneys, Shane Cantin has worked as lead counsel on over 500 serious felony cases and countless misdemeanors. Collectively, our team of lawyers has litigated over 1,500 cases.

A major advantage of choosing our attorneys for legal representation is their devotion to teamwork. It’s like getting three legal representatives for the price of one. This approach also has concrete benefits to you, improving the likelihood of a favorable result at court.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Traffic offenses are often classified as infractions by authorities, but certain traffic-related offenses can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. If your case has escalated beyond a simple traffic violation, it’s in your best interest to speak with qualified attorneys at law.

Avoiding a permanent mark on your record, which can have a direct impact on your livelihood, is our focus.

We work exceedingly hard to mitigate or eliminate the negative consequences associated with an advanced traffic ticket prosecution. With over 75 years of combined criminal defense experience, we have seen it all before and are ready to employ that expertise to your advantage.

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Free Consultation with one of Springfield’s Top DWI Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers in Springfield MO

Led by one of the best divorce lawyers in this area, Carver, Cantin & Mynarich are trial-tested and here to support you in your time of need. Shane Cantin has been recognized two years in a row by 417 Magazine as one of the best family law attorneys.

How do I know if a divorce lawyer is good?

There are many divorce lawyers, but the best ones develop a strong reputation in the community. It’s very important to learn about that reputation prior to choosing your divorce lawyer. In the end, the best way to make this decision involves meeting the lawyer in person and consulting friends, family, and other trusted sources for a referral.

What should I know when I hire a divorce attorney?

A good reputation in the community and the courts. A timely response to your phone message or emails. A fee agreement in writing. An attorney that can be both reasonable and aggressive, depending on what the circumstances might require.

Specialists for a Divorce in Missouri

Divorce cases can be expensive, difficult, and emotionally draining, and so the attorney you choose must be a good fit for your own particular personality and needs.

Early in Shane’s career, he developed a great deal of trial experience in family law cases, with an emphasis on complex divorce and custody law issues. His vast experience will be useful if you have questions such as:

  • How are assets and debts divided in a divorce?
  • What effect does evidence of cheating have on a divorce in MO?
  • In a MO divorce, what kinds of evidence can be used in court?
  • If I get divorced in Missouri, what happens to the assets I owned before marriage?

Family Lawyers in Springfield MO

We believe that reputation within the community is an important part of judging family lawyers. Shane Cantin leads the family law practice at the law firm Carver, Cantin & Mynarich, and has been independently recognized for his family law work by 417 Magazine. Additionally, this law firm received a U.S. News and Best Lawyers Best Law Firm – Tier 1 rating in 2017, which speaks to the quality of the entire team.

If you have a complicated family law issue and you need legal advice, there is no better attorney in the area of Springfield than Shane Cantin.

What does family law cover?

Family law is a broad term used to cover family matters and domestic issues within the law.

Common family law topics include: divorce, child custody, child support, separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, alimony, marital misconduct, property division, paternity, and legitimation, guardianship, same-sex law, adoption, domestic violence, and abusive and neglectful conduct by a parent.

Our family law work focuses on child custody, modification of custody orders, relocation of children within and outside of the state, divorce, property valuation, spousal maintenance orders, abusive and neglectful conduct by a parent, and limitations on custody and visitation.

Trial-tested Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody issues are emotional and draining. Hiring ethical and high-quality child custody lawyers can help ease the burden.

Shane Cantin of Carver, Cantin & Mynarich law firm has significant trial experience in custody law cases and is ready to help you in your case.

Child custody laws can differ across the country, so having an attorney with experience is very important. Shane can help you navigate custody questions you may have regarding in-laws, father’s rights, mother’s rights, custody arrangements after a divorce, how to request primary access, financial arrangements, admissibility of evidence in court, and more.

  • Legal definition of custody
  • Factors that determine child custody arrangements
  • How to file a motion for continuance in a custody case
  • How to file for sole custody in MO
  • How to file for emergency child custody in MO
  • State laws regarding guardianship, custody and parental rights
  • Petitioning a MO court for custody
  • Child custody laws regarding cross-state travel and residency

Our law firm can help you understand the definition of determination for children, joint custody details, the definition of custodial mother, parental rights for a non-custodial parent, unfit for custody laws, grandparents’ rights in MO, legal separation issues, and supervised visitation laws.

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Shane Cantin was recognized in 2016 and 2017 as one of the top divorce attorneys in Springfield, Missouri, by 417 Magazine.

Divorce Help from a Top Law Firm in Springfield, Missouri.


With one of our top-rated lawyers in Springfield MO

Legal Resources

We are active members of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association (SMBA). Attorney Thomas Carver is on the Board of Directors.

All attorneys in this law firm are in good standing with The Missouri Bar. Shane Cantin has been recognized as a Kansas/Missouri SuperLawyer. Attorney Erica Mynarich was awarded the Missouri Bar Foundation’s Lon O. Hocker Award in 2016.

Our lawyers are active members of both the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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