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If you are facing federal criminal charges in Missouri, you are up against the U.S. government and a wide range of harsh consequences. Call the best criminal lawyers.

If you find yourself as the target or potential target of any federal investigation, then you absolutely must have a top criminal attorney in Springfield, Missouri. Erica, Tom and Shane all have extensive experience litigating federal cases and have been recognized by their legal peers with awards as excellent lawyers.


Our team is highly regarded by the MO criminal lawyer communities for their expertise in defending white collar crime prosecutions.

White collar cases are very sophisticated and require special skills to be defended effectively. In 2013 and 2015, Thomas Carver was named lawyer of the year in southwest Missouri in the area of white collar crimes, awarded to only one criminal defense attorney in Springfield MO. We have decades of experience representing clients in complicated white collar cases.


A sex crime conviction can ruin your life and that of your family. Registration as a sex offender carries its own burden that can potentially last a lifetime.

We provide aggressive and proactive defense representation for people who have been arrested or accused of sex crimes like possession of child pornography. Sex and Internet-related crimes have become a major focus of state and federal prosecutors. If you are accused or even suspected of committing a sex crime, you need competent Missouri sex crime lawyers.


If you believe that you are under investigation for a tax-related crime, it is important to speak with a tax attorney in Springfield MO who is a specialist at criminal tax law.

The IRS and federal prosecutors will come after you and aggressively pursue a conviction. The consequences are harsh, including steep fines and potentially lengthy prison sentences. We have extensive experience handling tax law issues and defending clients against tax-related charges. We represent business professionals, CPAs, stock holders and others with their most critical defense law cases.


Financial crimes and fraud cases are different than other areas of criminal defense and call for an experienced attorney who understands the issues at hand.

We have handled numerous federal and state financial crimes and fraud cases and successfully defended clients against a wide range of fraud, embezzlement, and other white collar crime charges. We have a wide variety of tools at our disposal including former IRS and federal investigators, private investigators, former police officers, forensic accountants, and various other expert witnesses to present compelling cases for our clients.


A conviction is not the final page in a criminal case. Our team of lawyers is more than capable of assisting.

Our system offers the opportunity to appeal a decision if the defendant feels that substantial errors led to the conviction. Thomas Carver is a criminal defense attorney with significant appeals experience. He is a recipient of the Robert Duncan Award for Appellate Excellence awarded by the MO Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Our team helps people throughout the state with their state and federal appeals process.


If you have committed or are accused of a serious felony crime, you face a wide range of consequences, including steep fines, probation, community service and lengthy prison sentences.

The MO Criminal Law has changed, creating a new class of felonies. We are intimately aware of all felony classes in Missouri and can help you navigate any situation. Our firm has extensive experience with the new MO concealed carry and castle doctrine laws.

There are many skillful lawyers in this area, but few with the collective experience of Carver, Cantin & Mynarich. The team has represented clients in over 1,500 state criminal cases.


If you have committed a serious misdemeanor crime in the area, you face a wide range of consequences such as fines and jail time.

In addition, you face many other potential setbacks including damage to your professional prospects, family life and financial well-being.

A skilled and experienced attorney is essential to a positive outcome. Shane Cantin and Tom Carver are both Kansas/Missouri Super Lawyers and Erica Mynarich was recently awarded the 2016 Lon O. Hocker Award by the MO Bar Foundation, which recognizes up and coming criminal defense attorneys in this state.


A drug crime conviction carries serious penalties ranging from probation, to decades or a lifetime in prison.

If you have been arrested or investigated for a drug-related offense, it is important to begin building an aggressive defense as quickly as possible. We have a great deal of experience vigorously defending clients against charges of drug trafficking, manufacturing drugs and simple possession. With the federal government increasing their focus on heroin and prescription painkiller related prosecutions, our firm has vital experience that can help you.

If your loved one has already been convicted of a drug crime, we can help you explore post-conviction remedies like appeals or sentence reductions.

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in federal court, you need to seek an attorney that is thoroughly familiar with federal drug crimes and the mandatory minimum sentences they carry, along with a whole host of sentencing enhancements that are found in federal law but not in state drug prosecutions.


The United States Code contains dozens of criminal conspiracy statutes. Conspiracy has at least three elements: (1) an agreement (2) between two or more persons (3) to commit or assist in committing an unlawful act. Common conspiracies include drug trafficking, bank fraud, wire fraud, terrorism, and even murder.

Each member of the conspiracy is held responsible not only for his own illegal actions but also for the “foreseeable” actions of the other members that were committed in furtherance of the common plan. The United States Sentencing Guidelines refer to this as “relevant conduct.” That means that even if one conspirator only engages in a few drug transactions involving small amounts, that conspirator may be held responsible for the larger amounts sold by every other member of the conspiracy. Another interesting thing to know is that not every member of a conspiracy is required to know every other member. It is quite common for one defendant on a conspiracy indictment to know only one or two of the other indicted coconspirators.

Our firm is familiar with the various issues raised in conspiracy cases and has represented many people accused of conspiracies to commit federal crimes. In some cases, arguments can be made about what acts of coconspirators were actually foreseeable to the defendant. For example, if some of the acts occurred before the defendant entered the conspiracy or after the defendant affirmatively left the conspiracy, then we may be able to keep those acts from being considered as part of the defendant’s relevant conduct. Also, under Guidelines section 3B1.2, it may be possible for a defendant to receive a reduction if he meets the definition of “minimal participant” or “minor participant.” Because so many issues arise in conspiracy cases, it is important to hire experienced counsel.


In this state, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is called a DWI (known as a DUI in other states) and can have harsh consequences if not rigorously defended by an experienced criminal attorney.

Many traffic offenses will be classified as infractions by police, but certain traffic-related offenses can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. Avoiding a permanent mark on your record, which can have a direct impact on your livelihood, is our focus.

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Facing a criminal charge in MO of any variety can be a very scary experience. With your freedom on the line, it’s essential to find a highly skilled criminal defense attorney. Whether it’s a tax crime (see: tax attorney), sex crime, drug crime, or even a DWI, your case rests on the abilities of the criminal lawyers you hire. That’s why employing a criminal defense attorney with significant trial experience is such an important decision.


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