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Divorce, child custody, arrangements, relocation of children within and outside of the state, property valuation, spousal maintenance orders, abusive and neglectful conduct by a parent or parents, limitations on custody and visitation.


How do I know if a divorce lawyer in Springfield, MO is good?

Springfield divorce can be defined as the end of a person’s marriage. Divorce, as well as legal separation, can be the most stressful time of your life. When your marriage is over, you need a Springfield divorce lawyer you can trust.

Although many marriages seem to end in divorce, making the decision to file for a divorce is difficult. For those who are not yet ready to file for a Springfield divorce, there is another option in Missouri. These individuals can file for a legal separation.

The best way to determine if your Springfield divorce lawyer is good is to meet the divorce lawyer in person. You can also rely on friends, family, and other trusted sources for a referral. There are many divorce lawyers who work in family law, but the good ones develop a reputation in the community. It is important to know something about that reputation before making any final legal decision. Regardless, this experience can be difficult, expensive, and emotionally draining, and so the divorce lawyer you hire must be a good fit to your own particular personality and needs.

What should I know when I hire a divorce attorney in Springfield, MO?

A good reputation of the law firm in the community and the courts. A timely response to your phone message or emails. A fee agreement in writing. A lawyer that can be both reasonable and aggressive, depending on what the legal circumstances might require.


How are assets and debts divided in a divorce?

In a divorce, all marital property and marital debts must be divided and/or specifically set aside to one party or the other. With some exceptions, everything that is received or purchased during a marriage, and all income received during a marriage, is marital property. The most common exception to that rule is property received by inheritance or by gift, all of which is non-marital property. The court is required to make an “equitable” division of all marital property and debt. This does not necessarily mean an exact 50/50 division, but requires an overall fairness and equity when taking all other circumstances into consideration.

What effect does evidence of cheating have on a divorce in Missouri?

Legally, cheating has very little impact on the division of property. In Missouri, it’s not necessary to show fault to get divorced. However, cheating can sometimes impact a custody order, and there are times when evidence of a concealed relationship in which marital money was spent can have some effect on the overall result. From an emotional standpoint, however, cheating can make divorce very costly and very emotionally difficult.

In a Missouri divorce, what kinds of evidence can be used in court?

While the rules of evidence do always apply, there is no limitation on the creative use of evidence in family courts, especially in divorce cases. Emails, phone records, text messages, photographs, medical and other records, witnesses, and appraisal and other expert testimony, are all common kinds of evidence used in family courts.

If I get divorced in Missouri, what happens to the assets I owned before marriage?

What would a prenuptial agreement protect against in a divorce case? Property owned prior to the marriage is, unless it has been commingled with marital interests during the marriage, remains the nonmarital property of that person at the time of divorce.

Commingling is one of the most complicated property division problems faced in divorce cases. It can occur by placing the new spouse onto the ownership documents, depositing nonmarital funds into a marital account and commingling them with marital income, by paying debt on a nonmarital piece of property by using marital funds, and by a multitude of other ways that people never think about during the marriage.

Prenuptial agreements can protect nonmarital property in divorces, especially business interests and financial accounts, but only if the legal agreement is well-drafted and is clear, complete, fair and not unconscionable.


What does family law cover?

Family and divorce law is a broad term used to cover family matters and domestic issues within the law. The Greene County Circuit Court Domestic Division in Springfield, Missouri is the place where family law legal issues are resolved.

Common family law topics include: divorce, child support, separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, alimony, marital misconduct, property division, paternity and legitimation, guardianship, same-sex law, adoption, domestic violence, and abusive and neglectful conduct by a parent or parents.

What are the tips for hiring a Family Law Attorney?

Our family law firm work focuses on: child custody, arrangements, relocation of children within and outside of the state, divorce, property valuation, child support, spousal maintenance orders, abusive and neglectful conduct by a parent, and limitations on custody and visitation.

Shane Cantin is a local family law lawyer with numerous years of experience in the courtroom. Our law firm can help guide you and your family through an often difficult legal process.

Early in his career Shane Cantin also developed significant trial experience in family law cases, with emphasis on practice areas such as complex divorce law and custody law issues. He currently limits work on family law cases to Greene County and Christian County.


Divorce also involves a decision about which parent will receive sole custody, joint or shared custody of the child or children. These legal issues are emotionally and mentally draining. Hiring an ethical, professional, and experienced divorce lawyer in Springfield, MO can help ease the burden.

Shane Cantin of the law firm Carver, Cantin & Mynarich has significant trial experience in these types of cases and is ready to help you in your legal battle.

Laws can differ across the country, so having a lawyer with experience in Springfield, Missouri is very important. Shane can help you navigate custody questions you may have regarding in-laws, father’s rights, mother’s rights, custody arrangements after a divorce, child support, how to request primary access, financial arrangements, admissibility of evidence in court, and more.

Shane, like all our attorneys, prides himself on providing prompt and thoughtful information to clients in these matters. He will keep you informed of the process, provide consultation, guidance, and be there to answer any questions you may have during the course of your case.

If you are seeking a custody modification, don’t hesitate to call our law firm offices. If you are seeking to move the jurisdiction from one state to another, we recommend connecting with our attorneys. If you have represented yourself in a custody case, there is a strong chance you would benefit from the counsel of an attorney like Shane Cantin.


Missouri law can be confusing. This is why we as a law firm always recommend hiring an experienced divorce lawyer in Missouri if you are experiencing these legal issues.

Our firm can provide guidance on these legal issues in Missouri:

  • Legal definition of custody and child support
  • Factors that determine custody arrangements
  • How to file a motion for continuance in a custody case
  • How to file for sole custody in Missouri
  • How to file for emergency child custody in Missouri
  • Missouri laws regarding guardianship, child support, custody and parental rights
  • Petitioning a Missouri court for custody
  • Custody laws in Missouri regarding cross-state travel and residency

Our law firm can help you understand the definition of determination for children, divorce law in Springfield, joint custody details, the definition of custodial mother, parental rights for a non-custodial parent, unfit for custody laws, grandparents rights in Missouri, legal separation issues, and supervised visitation laws in Missouri.

Attorney Shane Cantin has significant experience navigating these Missouri laws and is ready to help and offer consultation or a piece of legal advice. Please use the form on this page to contact our law firm and we’ll promptly respond.

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Our Services:

  • Child custody
  • Modification of custody orders
  • Relocation of children within and outside of the state
  • Divorce
  • Property valuation
  • Spousal maintenance orders
  • Abusive and neglectful conduct by parent
  • Limitations on custody and visitation

$75.00 office consultation fee will be applied to all family court matters.

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